Madhuravelil Keshavan Vaidyar was a legendary figure of his times. An avid traveler, he belonged to Cherthala, previously known as ‘Karapuram’. He used to travel extensively through the length and breadth of the country providing treatment to patients of chronic and complicated diseases.

One of the most efficient physician of his times, he was known to have always carried exotic natural herbs in his treasured ivory chest. So effective was his treatment that people belonging to all castes, especially the lower caste, flocked around him seeking treatment. Widely acclaimed for his proficiency in ‘Nadi Chikitsa’, he was considered a versatile genius who commanded high respect from all walks of life.

He was, in fact, one of the very few social reformists who went against the insensitive customs and norms that prevailed during the ancient times and treated everyone as equals. In case of the poor and downtrodden sections of the society, he not only provided them with free treatment, but found means to feed them as well.

Madhuravelil Keshava Pharmacy was founded by him to provide genuine medical treatment to one and all, as prescribed in the age-old Ayurveda texts. The centre was so renowned in those days, patients from all over thronged to the erstwhile Cherthala, seeking rare and highly specialized treatment that he offered!


India of yore was famous for its rich tradition of Guru-Shisya & Father-Son relations. The relation between Keshavan Vaidyar and his son Padmanabhan Vaidyar bore testimony to this holy tradition.

Padmanabhan Vaidyar ardently followed the blessed footsteps of his father – both in treatment and in his life. He was a proficient exponent of ‘Nadi Chikitsa’, ‘Pizhichil’, ‘Uzhichil’, ‘Navarakizhi’ & ‘Nasyam’, besides having carved a niche for himself in the realm of Ayurvedic healthcare by providing rare and specialized treatments, developed and drawn from the scriptures of Ayurvedic exponents.

Padmanabhan Vaidyar was also an expert in Sanskrit and Classical Music. But despite being considered as a living legend, just as his father, during his times, he led a very simple and saintly life.

Padmanabhan Vaidyar was also one of the very few proponents of ‘Leech Therapy’. Dr Arun Babu, the present generation torch bearer of the family traditions has, in fact, inherited this very blessed talent. Dr. Arun is a modern day specialist in ‘Leech Therapy’.




Balan Vaidyar was the youngest son of Padmanabhan Vaidyar. He found his calling in ‘Homeopathic System of Alternative Medicine’.

He too continued the illustrious family tradition of being active in the social scene just as he was active in his medical profession. He was an elected representative of his ward in Cherthala and held office at the Cherthala Municipality as a councilor, ardently handling his responsibilities as the people’s representative.

An avid lover of spiritual books and poetry, he was also the president of SNDP shakha, Cherthala.